Completely and utterly heartbroken; depression?

I can't even explain the situation because it brings me to tears, I don't have the energy. Me and my ex boyfriend (I've never said that before..) have broken up due to many reasons such as him not caring about me/listening and not putting in effort as well as me being too protective and insecure. However, we were together for a year and a half after being good friends for about 3 years. I love him so much words can't explain, it pains me and he is on my mind every single second. He is still my everything and without him I feel like my 'everyday' has gone. He was my everyday. I am totally destroyed, worried and deperessed. All I want to do is drink and my friends are too busy to make plans (I'm not close with my family). I have no one now he's gone, he was my life. I would've died for him, we were so close. He wanted to be free hence why we broke up.. I'm so scared he will find someone new, he seems like he can move on and talk to girls easily without hesitation.. it upsets me because I need him so badly but at the same time we aren't very good together.. I am being so selfish but I want him to be mine and only mine. I don't know what to do. I'm heartbroken, in tears all the time. Everything reminds me of him, even if it's totally random. He's in my dreams at night good and bad. He's taken over every aspect in my life, I can't concentrate on myself, I don't want to. I'm weak without him. PLEASE ANYONE help me how can I get over this? It makes me want to die, HOW CAN I GET OVER HIM//FORGET HIM? I can't live with him but my days are cold without him.


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  • How was life before you met him? It could have been dull... it could have been great but you survived then.

    If you broke up with him first then, did you consider if you took the effort to try and have a real talk with him? If not, it wouldn't hurt to tell him what you feel and let him know you still love him. You have to tell him what's deep down inside so he'll tell you his and you never know, the two of you might come to compromise some things. In the end, do the things while you can so you don't have to live regretting what you hadn't done.

    If he broke up with you then, look at how differently you would've handled it if you were in his shoes. He should know that it's only natural falling in love comes with insecurities and worries. If he didn't realize you were being insecure and didn't do anything anything about it to assure you were everything to him no matter what then, sorry, from someone looking at you two from afar, I'm not sure he's doing enough to show his love for you.

    Remember that no one is perfect and, lovers break up and spouses divorce. Those couples who stay together the longest do so because they compromise. They learn to come to an agreeing point with one another. He gave you happy moments so cherish them as those lovely moments they were. If he really wanted out then respect his choice if you are really in love with him. Isn't wanting, too, what the other person wants if you really love them? Suppose I were your ex and you broke up with me. I want to make sure I've communicated with you clearly I still love you and if it makes you happier to leave, then I'll let you because I love you and respect your decision - but know that my love for you won't ever change. Something like that.

    Don't let your break up be due to a faulty miscommunication. Let it out, and if it really has to end, then end it with class. Because you're a person, he's a person. You're no lesser than him. You're precious. You shouldn't have to go through all this. If he loves you and knows you're going through all this, then he couldn't just stop loving you and let you enter misery.

  • hey, could i ask how old you both are and when you broke up and who finally ended it? xx


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