How to tell him he gave up too quick?

How do you tell an ex you think they gave up on the relationship too fast? we had a great relationship and connected on every level we saw it and so did everyone else. They thought we would be together for a long time as did i. Things happened he got stressed about money etc ( hard time finding job). he broke up with me and said he was not feeling what he thought he should at the point in the relationship. After we had sex a few times through the months up until August when he saif it wasn't fair to either of us and we shouldn't do that anymore and just stay freinds. I haven't really answered his texts and apologized and told him i had a lot on my mine. Her told me if i wanted to talk he would listen and he also asked if i wanted to talk a few times. I do want to tell him i think he just gave up but i dont know how to do it. Help!
How to tell him he gave up too quick?
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