Do you keep to your post break uo goals and did competing help you move on?

So my break up sucked forced apart by her parents she accpeted.. so what else could i do? i tried fighting for her ot failed so i give up not fighting for someome who won't fight with me you known? so anyway i got 4 break up goals.
1. get a job checked off.
2. get in school. I was in trade school but my house burned so but in a new house now so thinking of going back.
3. get a car... half way there did 14 lession only 10 more to go then road test.
4. get in shape which is more so for me i always wanted too get in shape.
so what are some of your break up goals? did you keep true to them or ended up forgeting about them? i find that am still not 100% over my break up with my girlfriend even through its been 2 years now and i got a new girlfriend that's truly prrfect. But the movement i see my bitch of a ass from afar or someone that looks like her... i feel like am gonna have a heart attack then i have a shitty day. Other then that i have accpeted she never coming back and what happened happened.


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