Why did my girlfriend end it when all was going great?

My girlfriend ended it after 4 weeks init. we were both happy etc. she would say how much I make her her happy and ow she misses me etc. we talked about our past and the future all was great. till 1 day she ignored my texts and calls, I found out on Facebook from her when I asked that she don't want to be in a relationship anymore and has no feelings for me. I don't understand it and nor does her sister.

My girlfriend had told me a few times that I was to good for her. Is she scared and pushing me away or what I don't know. I want her back but don't know how


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  • It sounds like she might have gotten scared of losing you so she rushed to end things because she was afraid of things not working out and you potentially leaving her. A lot of people end perfectly good relationships because they let their insecurities get the best of them, so the best thing to do is help assure her of your feelings by talking to her.

    If she's willing to talk, definitely reach out to her and let her know that you still want to be with her, she may need to hear that to build up the confidence she needs to continue with the relationship.

    If she acts distant and seems to be avoiding you, give her some time to figure out how she feels. If she doesn't express interest in getting back together, she may need to overcome insecurities of her own before getting into a solid relationship.

    • Well I'm not texting or calling her. her sister still is sad about it all. odd thing is on fb she became fans of 'i wanna grab and kiss you but cant' and the other is 'you say you be there for me always but where are you now'

      its all happend to qucik from 1 min she want me etc to no I dnt. when we was together I can tell how she talked and looked that I mean a lot to her

    • How long should I wait to txt her, I'm worried she wont. this sucks so much

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  • She is probably scared. I can empathize with her. Some people are really afraid of being in a good relationship whether they are afraid it won't last, or think they don't deserve it, or something else.

    • I agree with wht you said but what shall I do. only thing is give her time yet I no what you said is what's on her mind and I jst like 2 tell her that and then maybe we can get bck

  • the same thing happened to a friend of mine once. His girlfrriend broke up with him because she felt that it was too good to be true because he treated her so well. She wasn't used to being treated the way he treated her and she got scared that he was gonna use her.

    Maybe she's just afraid that something is gonna happen when its really not. She's proabably not used to be treated all sweet and kind. Most girls that have rough relationships in the past don't know how to handle one when she gets the 'perfect' boyfriend


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  • She is insecure, plain and simple. Women do this all the time to men that are good to them. The reason is because you treated her good, and deep down that's not what she wants. She wants a MAN. You weren't the challenge, you were too easy, and that's all there is to it. You also jumped into having a conversation about the future which scared her off. Now I know what you are going though because I just went through this myself. The best thing to do now is to leave her alone. Don't call, don't text, don't email, don't go to her house, and for goodness sake don't stalk her or have "accidental" meetings. All of this will just push her away even more. You don't want to appear as clingy and needy (remember, she wants a MAN), instead you have to just move on and improve yourself. If she contacts you, talk to her but briefly and say you have to go. You don't want to talk for too long for a couple of reasons. 1: you don't want to say anything that will lead to an arguement and 2: you don't want to pressure her in any sort of way. My best advice to you is go out with friends and family, enjoy your hobbies, work on your self esteem, get some new clothes, accel at your job and work on that promotion, start dating (don't get in a relationship but date), and most of all, work on your game.


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