What would you do if...(Help Needed!)

If your boyfriend/girlfriend went behind your back and told a very close friend of the opposite sex who they had been romantically interested in before dating you that they were on a break with you (which isn't true) and then asked that close friend if they were single with the goal in mind of of potentially trying to pursue a relationship with them or hook up with them, would you consider that cheating?

*Especially if your boyfriend/girlfriend came back to you and never told you they did this and never officially broke off the relationship with you.

Any help from both guys & girls would be great! I'm in the middle of a situation like this and need help!



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  • I would kick his ass. LOL

    No I would realize that he was planning on dumping me, and dump his ass first.

    • That's the best response possible haha. I'm the "close friend" in this situation, and I'm pretty disgusted with the situation too.

      We both had a pretty intense year and had pretty strong feelings for each other but when he thought I started dating another guy, he got back with his ex, and then kept running back to me until recently.

      I thought he was single when he told me he broke it off, turns out he's not, he's been ignoring me since he came to me don't know if I should tell his girlfriend he did this

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