My ex likes my pics on instagram, what does he want by doing it?

I actually have been in a relationship with a guy for about months, I have to say that we realy were in tue love even thought we used to argue sometimes but we always end up gettin things "fixed". Well, one day, we got in an argument and then my ex wanted to leave, I begged him for about 2hours or less but he got stuck at his decision so I had nothing to do about it, I spend the whole following days crying, then after 5 days he texted me asking on how I was doing so we just had a short convo and he said goodnight then he left! And then, a week after, I coudn't handle what ws going inside me so I decided to talk to him and get him back but he refused, he didn't want to get back! So after, I haven't talked to him since that day, so I decided to talk to him from a fake account, and what he said about me is that I wasn't the right person, and that he did a big mistake by being with me and that he has nothing to fix, he also thinks that It wasn't true love! but days after, I noticed that he started liking some of my pictures from time to time, what do you really guys think he wants? I don't have to deny the fact that he loved me for real, and I did the same but all his did at the end was leaving me, do you think that he wants me to talk to him by these likes and make the first move but I think it's gonna be a bad idea because I got dumped many times but i want him back and Im still in true love with him and I miss him a lot! please guys help me!!


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  • Why do you even want to be with someone who has dumped you and rejected you, and also said that you weren't the right person, and that being with you was a mistake? Do you have no self-esteem at all?
    Considering he behaved during and after your breakup, he's most likely liking your pictures in the hopes of you not being completely over him. He wants you to be reminded of his existence. Not because he wants you, but because knowing that you like him, that you're pining for him and that you're ready to chase him is an ego boost for him. If what he has said is true (which is very likely) then there's no reason for him to want to get back together with you suddenly. He's probably just hoping you'll come running back to him so that he'll get the satisfaction of rejecting you again after soaking up some of your attention.

    • My point is: move on. Find someone who doesn't think you're a mistake, who doesn't reject you, and who doesn't play games.

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    • No problem. I hope things will go well for you, and yes, all of the signs basically point to him not wanting anything.

    • Exactly, thank you for your help I really want guys to ask my question!!

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