Heartbreak remedies?

My boyfriend of 14 months broke up with over the phone today. I didn't see it coming at all, we had a rough period but we were gonna be okay. He promised me we would. Turns out he'd been wanting to break up for a couple of weeks now. Weeks in which he still told me he loved me, he wanted to be with me and weeks in which we still had sex.

I feel used and broken and this isn't how it's supposed to be.

I was going to marry him someday, we were gonna have kids and everything.

I can't feel like this, my 18th birthday is in 3 days, I'm doing my exams in a months. I need to not feel like this.

How do I do that?


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  • Block his number from your phone, emails, Facebook, MySpace, everything that connects you to him. Do whatever you have to do so you don't contact him, and so you won't wait around for him to contact you. By blocking his number and all, you won't know if he called or didnt. And for now its better not knowing. Just try to accept the fact that he doesn't love you anymore, and try focusing on moving on. Don't try to convince yourself that he will come back. A reason why its so hard to get rid of pain is bec we hold on to the past (good) memories, and we hold on to that little hope that they will come running back. Well dont. Think of all the bad times. Think of everything you didn't like about him, and remind yourself why you would be better off. Don't think about the empty promises and plans you both made. And lose that hope of him coming back. It will only make you wait around. Don't wait! Go out and be single. Do things you couldn't do when you were with him. Hang out with your friends. Hang out with guys. Do anything but call him. DONT contact him. Hearing his voice again will bring you back to one.

    I know it hurts, but trust me when I say everything will be ok. I mean think about it, do you really want to be wtih someone who doesn't love you? Let go... you can't force anyone to love you. EVerything happens for a reason. Happy Birthday in advance.


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  • Keep yourself busy. Study for your exams and make plans to go out and have a lot of fun for your birthday...


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