Girls, My ex and I broke up a while ago, but I still love her?

My ex and I were together for 1 and ahalf years, we broke up due to a stupid fight that we had, because she would get angry and bring up the break up card, but despite that I still love her. We remained in NC for about 1 and ahalf years before I decided I was ready to contact her again. When I contacted her we talked about the past and stuff, and she asked me if I have met anyone new during the NC time, and I said I didn't because I still loved her, but she said she has got someone. I said sorry I was too late, and she said it doesn't matter she had already forgotten everything, she said if we can, could we be friends I said yes, we talked bit more then stopped.

A week later I texted her again on facebook, she wanted to facebook call with me, so I accepted. We talked on the phone bout the past again. I explained some things and told her if we didn't get in a fight over stupid things and her bringing up the break up card and deleting me on facebook, it wouldn't have ended like this. I then asked her she really is seeing someone else? she said yes, I asked when did you guys meet? she for some months now, I asked if I knew him, she said that I don't know him. We talked abit more and I said in the next life, I will come and look for her, she said in a happy way "you mean when we die and reincarnate?", I said yes, she giggled a little, I then told her if her new boyfriend finds out, he will be angry with her and she knows, so we both said our goodnights and ended it there.

Sometimes I wonder, does she still love me and think of me too? I do still love and care for her, but is she really seeing someone else? or making him up just to test me or make me jealous? On facebook I don't see any kind of mention of him, no photos or anything. I'm sorry to have to worry like this, but I really do love her, it pains me to hear that if she is really is someone else. So I want to ask you girls what you think? Thanks.


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  • I guess she has moved on from you.
    It will be really hard to get her back if she has another person in her life.
    I know how it feels, my ex also left me and may be now he got somebody else instead of me.
    Stay strong and good luck.

  • You have to move on


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