Why my ex bf's girlfriend keeps on harassing me?

She purposely added me on almost every social apps including fb, twitter, Wechat just to ask about our history... The problem is it has been 4 years since we broke up so what gives? How does she even knows my fb name and all? Even my ex himself doesn't have any of my ID. It seems like she did a detail research about me.


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  • She probably wants to be friends. You never know. Or she just wants some advice on how to handle him.

    • No. She basically asked about our 'history'

    • Oh okay. My mom and dad broke up. they were never married. so they're just exes. well my dad is horrible in relationships. he can't even stay in one because he doesn't know how to treat women. well he had this really nice girl friend and we all went out to eat even my mom went with us too. my dad's girlfriend was telling my mom that my dad and her have been arguing. my mom told her how he is. he's bipolar and he doesn't know how to talk to women. he calls them names. my mom told her to break up with him.

      The point I'm trying to say is maybe she's having problems and she wants to ask about your history and see if you had problems with your ex boyfriend.
      Sorry for this long ass message.

  • Are you still in contact with her boyfriend?

    • Not at all. Can you believe I almost forget about his existence till she came and bring up everything.

    • Hmmm, in that case, she must be feeling insecure for some reason.

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