How do you feel about having your Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend on Facebook or any social media?

I've been having a few Exes are me in Facebook after quite awhile so I've been kinda curious as to why?


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  • I was always friends with my Exs on social media. In fact I have been with my now husband for 13 years (married for 9) and I am still friends with the only other serious ex I've ever had. how can you go from caring about someone so much to not caring what happens to them? We may not have been a perfect fit but I am still rooting for him to find happiness I will always care for and love him... it just turned out to not be in that way.

    • Yea and that's kinda my dilemma I feel like I'm always gonna have specific kind of feelings for them regardless of what happen...

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    • Yea I love everything you had to say your so right it's just that I've never been friends with exes so it's just something new to me I guess

    • Yeah it's hard and sometimes you make bad decisions before you learn but that's how you learn. It's good and the more people who care for you and that you care about the better... keeps you grounded.

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  • For me, as i still have feelings for him, its terrible having him in social media, i stalk him like 24/7 and feels disappointing when i see him online without talking to me but its somehow good that i know what is he up to.

  • I don't have one so its cool plus not a fan of social media


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