Insanely Confused, someone help me?

My boyfriend and I broke up right before he left for college, I was of course heart broken. After that we stayed in some kind of contact because both of us still loved each other, but he didn't want to put me through that for my senior year and be distraught for his first year away, so we ended things on okay terms and remained friends. For the first two weeks we were in contact and then out of nowhere we stopped, I got tired of being the one to always reach out. I went on a date and the guy confessed his love and I broke it off saying I'm still hung up on my ex and I didn't expect one date to lead to this... anyways long story short my ex found out and told me he didn't believe that I didn't lover this guy, which I never did, and told me he didn't want to be my friend... after a day of this, and even his friend telling him she saw all the text between me and that guy he told me he was sorry... this past week we've been texting everyday, he even admitted that he was flirting, and all of a sudden he's been distant again... what do I do?
Insanely Confused, someone help me?
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