Break a leg?

i just noticed that I have an odd attraction for girls who are healing an injury. broken legs, arm slings, you name it... it's kinda hot..

anyone else out there with the same strange fondness?


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  • you know how they say girls like "injured" guys to nurse a "sick puppy" that's what you're doing...but literally. this is actually a good thing, people should help people...but maybe I'm wrong and you just want to use two crutches as a humping post

    • Hahaha! it's not the perverted way that you've mentioned... although it gives me some ideas now... hmm... lol

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  • Men, by nature, like to help/fix/protect. So, naturally, when they see a women that fits the "damsel in distress" motif, they are drawn to it. Men like to come to the rescue, and for good reason, because ingrained deep inside of them from an early age is the notion that the knight in shining armor always got to keep the girl he rescued. Being a hero is rewarded.

    This is also why men find it hard to just listen to a woman that needs to talk. They instantly start trying to "fix" their "problem", when in reality all the woman needed was an ear to vent in. Men have a hard time comprehending that they do not need to "fix" a "problem" every time a woman brings up an issue that bothers her. Women are emotional, and a lot of times all it takes to make them feel better is to release built up stress over things that are generally non-issues.


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