I love my boyfriend but I'm really sick of constant rejection?

He constantly rejects my plans, I ask to do stuff, go for a walk, go get food, even come to my house but he always says no, he asks me to go to his house and I always go or I meet him after uni and we go to his house together, it's nice when were together apart from when I get an idea in my head of something we could do together

Its my mums 50th tomorrow and I asked him to come for lunch and he still says so, he says he doesn't fancy it. My family all think he hates them.

Weve been together 3 years and after the first year he just stopped wanting to go out or do anything with me

He ALWAYS goes to family events, goes for meals with his family, meets his friend once a week.

I feel like he prefers his family over me, and recently every time he does something with anyone I can't keep my anger in and I tell him he's rude for doing things with them that I ask him to do with me but he just doesn't care

I do everything with his family, he begs me to go and I do, and he does nothing at all for me. He even expects me to go on holiday with his family and pay thousands for accommodation and flights. Why would I do that when he does nothing for me and my family?

I'm so sick of it and I try to talk to him but he says sorry he just doesn't want to

We're both each others first bf/gf and I'm scared to break up with him, I'm not sure if I should?
He promised me he'd come for a meal for my mums 50th, and he's using the excuse that he thought it was in the evening and doesn't want to go for lunch


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  • it sounds like you need to break up with him if he can't associate with your family or anything , your still young and there will be a lot of jerks like that. till you find the guy that really makes you happy. just take this as a lesson learned and dump the guy since he can't be with you like you want.

    and dont worry about the heart break it won't be your last one so dont be scared about him being hurt since he can't give you what you want at all.


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  • Dump him. You're on different pages and everything is on his terms. Relationships are give and take, you deserve someone who will actually do things you want to do occasionally.


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  • How old are you really? My advice depends on that answer.

    • I'm 21

    • Don't break-up outright with him, but begin to distance yourself from him. In about 2 months, he will either begin to wonder what is going on or he will be oblivious. If he is oblvious, then dump him. You are young enough to find another guy. If he is with the program and catches on that something is wrong, hopefully he will learn that he is not being fair in the relationship and make adjustments accordingly. If he doesn't, then that's even worse than being oblivious and break up with him.

  • It sounds like he only wants to be your boyfriend when it's convenient for him.


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