When your ex tells you his married but still meets to see you as he sees his wife as boring. What does this mean?


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  • He's a cheating, cheap, twat who talks shit to get extra pussy.

    • He says his meeting his ex doesn't clasdy as cheating as his not doing anything with his ex. And he doesn't touch her. The wife his married t hasn't done anything sexual as he needs to control himself. And his finding girls to chill with. Whats his intention

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    • Really? Men don't "chill" with girls, they chill with their friends. Chill my arse. He's cheating. Full stop.

    • Do you think he hasn't got over his ex or his purily messed in the head...

  • It means that he's in the beginning stages of doing some shady, inappropriate, sleazy bullsh*t that she surely wouldn't appreciate. Instead of talking about her behind her back to his ex-girlfriend, he needs to address that with her and only her or a marriage counselor with the both of them. I never trust men who dog their women out or show signs of stabbing their women in the back and disrespecting them in front of other women.