Pregnant Girlfriend got a restraining order on me, I need some insight on this, please help?

Hello and thank you in advance for taking the time to read this.

Im 21 & she is 22. In August me and my girlfriend found out that she was pregnant, We were both very happy and scared at the same time. Time went on and all of a sudden on my birthday she blocked me on facebook and said to me that she doesent want to be with me anymore, Someone told her I'm a drug dealer (false allegation).

A few days passed and I approached her after she finished work and we talked things through and I walked her home everything was fine, she invited me inside her house. Her mother and brother came and her brother threatned me with a baseball bat and told me to leave. I left.

The next day I went to her home country Lithuania to buy baby clothes , pregnancy vitamins etc. When I told her I was there she got very upset and said I had no permission to go, and "when I needed you the most you left'' She said she was convinced I cheated on her while I was there.

The next day she filed a restraining order on me for ''domestic violence'' I never hit her or harmed her in anyway, I only tried holding her when she tried walk away when we were having an argument, I also held her hands so she couldnt storm off, I only did this to pleade with her. Weeks earlier she smashed my Iphone when I didn't let her see my personal texts to my mother and father. I have been nothing but good to this girl. I have made mistakes but I never cheated.

There is more too it but I dont want to ramble on, I really want to be there for her and the future baby.

Thank you and I really appreciate it.


We were together for a year and had a very loving relationship


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  • I guess all you can do is respect the restraining order as far as she is concerned and study up on the court system in her country (if that is where she lives) so that you can hopefully get visitation and rights to your child. If you want to be involved with the child then don't let her ice you out but as far as a relationship with her goes I'd try to let that go.

    • Thanks for your insight, We only live a 15 min drive from each other. There is only a temp restraining order until the court hearing in November, Then the judge will decide wether or not to grant one.. most likely he won't because she contacted me after she applied for one telling me ''where are you when i needed you'' etc and saying that if you hadn't gone to Lithuania we could have worked things out.

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    • I agree with the opinion owner. If all you say is 100% true I wish you the best of luck.

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  • You might have done mistakes in the past which make her ghink you won't be a good dad or husband but if you really lover her and the baby you should show her and also her family that you want to take care of them (girl &child). By listening to what character trait had disappoint her you have to try to better yourself to the good so her brother, father and she trusts you. You might even consider talking first with them so they let you see her. In that way they see that you are mature enough to be the man who can take care of their daughter/sister. Also bring up that its not only about you and her but the baby which deserves to have a dad! If you try that and they are just too crazy to understand that the child needs his father still fight (by court) for your rights as a father because even if your girlfriend doesn't understand that she takes away the childs right to know his/her father and that's not morally correct
    good luck!!

  • Omg tell me more!!
    This story was getting juicy :0

  • give it some space and her mom was prob pissed that she got pregnant


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