Why is he treating me like shit?

We broke up in April. I know it's stupid that I'm still thinking about him, but we were hooking up after the break up b/c the sex was so good. Then at the end of July we stopped hooking up which is actually a bad idea. Now it's October and he texted me last weekend ( i feel like the dumbest girl ) being super flirty like we were dating again. And somehow convinced me to go over to his place , but i know y'all are going to judge me and call me stupid but i know. I just thought he was the same guy that cared for me when we used to date. Well, he changed because we were suppose to fuck today , but he blew me off. I've been craving sex so long now. Like what an ass. On top of all that i texted him, and he doesn't give a fuck about me anymore. Which made me really sad considering we used to date at the beginning of the year. I just needed to rant. I can't understand why he would treat me with such low respect after we were together.
It's all my fault
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He only wants the sex
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I'm stupid, and he's an asshole
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+1 y
I forgot to mention to anyone reading my rant: He's a fucking player so obviously i didn't think he would ever play me like he would a one night stand girl/ girl he met on tinder.
Why is he treating me like shit?
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