How do guys usually handle no contact?

My boyfriend of 7 years and I are going through some issues... I was false accused by an anonymous source ( my psychotic ex ) that I was cheating on my guy for several years with my ex... My guy reached out to the ex and the ex told him we were together for the last 3 years ( lies! ) ... My boyfriend is furious, pretty much ended the relationship without really talking to me at all... He kept telling me " If and when I choose to speak to you I will let you know" ... I have all the texts from psycho ex over the last 5 months to prove that we were only friends... However, I can't show my guy if he doesn't speak to me!

Moving to the point - I decided there's no use constantly trying to reach out to my boyfriend if he clearly is stating to me " I do not want to speak to you at this moment, if i decide to speak to you I will let you know " ... So I've been letting him be... its only day 5 of me not contacting him, however this is the longest we have gone without speaking in over 4 years... We basically lived together at each others apartments EVERY SINGLE NIGHT and we have a dog together ( which I have ) ..

In such a long term relationship, with so much shared between each other, how long do you guys think it will take my guy to start missing me? ... He was angry when we last spoke so trying to speak to him while he is still angry is not too smart...


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  • Ood, I'd hate to be you. Hard enough to keep track of one relationship. Did M. night shamaylan write your life?

    • I am actually extremely upset over this, not necessary..

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    • @Jvics22 then i don't really know what to say. I respect that and I wouldn't suggest it to begin with if it hadn't been the ex boyfriend's lie that ruined this. To me lying is justified... in certain circumstances.

      I guess you'll just have to wait for him to reach out. You've been together 7 years, so it's not likely he's just forgotten about you.

    • @Jvics22 best of luck. I feel bad for the crack I made.

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  • Give him space. He'll come back, you guys have a dog together if anything.

    • Why do you feel he will come back? I'm trying to get some insight because I feel it's hopeless

    • As it's been a long time and he's got to calm down eventually as at the moment it's gossips

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