Did no contact, ex girlfriend wanted to meet up and try again - one week later she's changed her mind? Girls advice appreciated?

Girls - my ex broke up with me it was a horrible breakup with a lot of emotion involved. We went our separate ways I did no contact she messaged me several times during no contact, eventually I met up with her she broke down told me she misses me and loves me and wanted to see if we could try again and go on a date the following week. During that week we were messaging telling each other we loved one another, admittedly I asked a few times if she could stay over and rang her several times that week but she was also calling me, she was sending me selfies, sexting etc. We went on a date had an amazing night together like everything was back to normal and then she told me she doesn't want us to get back together and she can't see a future between us. WHAT THE HELL? She's asked to see me again and stay in touch and I told her outright we can't see each other or speak again if she doesn't want a relationship with me.

Why is she acting like this - wasting both our time? How can you tell someone you love them every day, call them etc. and then decide you don't want a relationship.

Its left me so confused


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  • If she's going to mess you around like that then you need to have a clean break from her and move on. She'll probably miss you but that's her problem. Going back to someone once is acceptable but twice is just being a fool


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  • She missed you when you weren't contacting her. Then when you guys got back to how things used to be, that is exactly the problem. You went right back to the same thing of smothering and getting too mushy gushy.

    Don't feel bad, this is a pattern I see from almost all men in this situation. The trick is managing your emotion through the phone and keeping her curious and intrigued instead of confessing all your feelings for her all the time.

    • So do you think now my situation is hopeless? I appreciate your insight.

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    • thanks - any insight into how I should play it going forward? Considering I've told her we can't speak or see each other again. heavily regret things imploding so quickly and ruining everything

    • Be more free about it. Instead of "we can't hangout no talking to me" have an approach of just responding or answering her on your terms.

      Don't try to control the situation or her, just control your own responses and do what you feel you should do without needing to tell her about it or telling her what to do.

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