We're back together, now what?

Hello all, thank you for your time and responses. To make a long story short...I met her while at Miami Dade College, she liked another older guy, but I won her heart, we dated and loved each other for about 6 months, broke up when she went to FSU (I heard she got back with the older guy while she was up there), now she started talking to me and expressing feelings for me, and we're back together w/out too much pressure on the boyfriend/girlfriend thing.

Any help on how to let the past be the past. That guy still writes her on Facebook every now and again. I know trust will take time, but how to go a bout it the second time around? I want to love her but it is taking everything I have to keep steady and not too emotionally invested. Thank you for the help! :)


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  • Keep it running.


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