Breaking up before University?

My Boyfriend and I started dating in the 11th grade. We date for a little over 2 years. Since the beginning we knew that he was planning to stay here for education and i was flying out to the US for at least 4-5 years. He was very keen on long distance until he realised that he won't be coming to the US anytime soon and long-distance doesn't make sense.
Initially i didn't agree but I did because I didn't want to be tied down and long-distance is quite hard. We met and spoke and ended it on very good terms. He said he doesn't want this but we don't have another choice. We decided that we both want to still talk and be friends. Besides, I'm leaving for UNI next year. He said if he hangs on to me any longer he won't be able to let go and I agree it'll be more painful if we don't end it now.
We decided not to talk for at least a week after and when either of us is ready we'd call. He was really upset about it all and throughout our relationship he has been nothing but amazing and so loving it was perfect.
It's been 9 days since and he hasn't called. I did text him once inbetween to let him know my exam scores but that was it. He deleted our photos off social media sites and I felt bad but, it had to be done.
I keep breaking down because I have to force my feelings away and I just, wonder if he will actually call me because he has a good control over his emotions and hiding them.
I dont know how to get past this.. Our relationship was so perfect and now we both are just, over. It's so painful.
I should call him if I feel like
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Breaking up before University?
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