Why is my ex being so hot and cold?

So my ex broke up with me about 2 months ago. It was a LDR and we were together for about 5 months. He's had a lot of issues in the past with his family life and has been cheated on a few times. His ex was very controlling and didn't treat him well for 3 years. He broke up with me saying that he couldn't cope with the distance and it was making him suicidal. He then called me 2 days after the break up and asked for a break instead of a break up. I said i would need to consider and he agreed. He was then very hot and cold for a few weeks until i just stopped replying. I took 2 weeks off of speaking to him and he messaged/called nearly everyday. When i then answered his call after the 2 weeks he told me "im the most important person in his life" "no one is as special to him as me" "he thinks that im the one" but still doesn't want to get back together? He wouldn't let me visit to talk because it was "too soon" and he was meant to visit this weekend but didn't come and gave no explanation. He has been very friendly and said he is sleeping with my shirts and spraying my perfume in his room for the past week. We were talking yesterday and he stopped replying mid-conversation and has ignored 2 more messages since and left them on 'read'. Does anyone have any advice? Thankyou x


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  • Yeah what the hell is up with all these girls missing there ex. It's such a turn off when girls talk about their ex, like if you still love them go fight for them cause I guarantee you that the new guy is not gonna care much about you if you keep bringing up your ex.

    • There is no new guy that's the point i am fighting for the ex just wondering if he's worth it

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    • If you read my question youd see i have been trying to find out for myself. Seeking outside advice because i can't know whats going on in his head if he won't tell me but someone else may have been through a similar experience. Kind of the point of this website...

    • Shit I definitely don't have time to be reading these long ass question, I ain't dr. Phil

  • why do you care what your ex is doing. he's an EX, ex, as in, ex boyfriend, no loner, nilch, nade, zero, LOSER

    • For a few reasons, the main one being that we had a really good relationship and honestly believed we would end up together. I love him and would like to work things out because it seems as though he just got scared of getting hurt and bailed

    • he's an ex boyfriend, move on

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