Do people really change when they make that promise?

First off, when I say change... I mean fix their issues.

So, how many times has your current relationship or ex told you they would change? And is there hope?

My current relationship involves a lot of emotional abuse, anger issues, some paranoia.. when he is angry. It's like he changes into a different person.

Do you think anything would ever trigger someone to change? Or do you think people are who they are and I should walk away


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What Guys Said 1

  • Walk away. NEVER get into a relationship in which you or the other want or need the other to change. It doesn't really work and one of you will resent the other in the long-run leading to relationship failure. The change needs to happen introspectively preferably while single.


What Girls Said 1

  • I believe people are who they are, but they can change how they respond to situations

    People who have anger issues can seek anger managment to get their anger under control. They'll be councelled on how to respond differently when faced with a situation that causes them to lose control.

    So they aren't really changing who they are , they are just changing how they respond to situations that make them feel angry.


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