Am I a hopeless romantic or is there hope?

The love of my life and I dated two years ago for eight months.

He got distant and we broke up without any closure.

Cut to a year and a half later... I'm still miserable, he and I have been single the whole time.

We got back together for two weeks and within those two weeks he told me - unprovoked - that he loved me. He said "I love you" five times. And then he broke up with me again. If he didn't want to get back together with me, why would he put me through all of this agonizing false hope for two weeks? I just don't understand because if he was on the fence about me, why would he even say it at all?

Told me he didn't want to hurt me again, said we shouldn't continue, he doesn't see himself being faithful to me if we continue.

Do you think we're just two people who love each other and are scared to hurt the other, and there's a future for us somewhere in all of this confusion? Or am I a hopeless case who just will not let go of a relationship that has been dead and gone for quite some time?
Am I a hopeless romantic or is there hope?
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