Meeting his kids with my son why does it feel so natural so soon?

the guy I am seeing has mutual friends with me. We go dancing at the same place and dance together. We message each other and text and call and have drinks together when we are dancing an we talk. This has been going on like 4 months. Well now I invited him over for the debate last week and he met my son. Then that night we sat close he put his arm around me and we kissed. Then a couple days later we met up at the club and we kissed on the porch. Then we went to his place. Next thing we were invited over so my son could meet his kids and I could meet them. And it felt really good. And he had his arm around me and said "we have some good kids don't we?" And it felt very sweet. I feel like the more we talk the more our lives overlap and we have s lot of good energy running our conversations. We keep having eerie similarities. Storylines we created in his case for a short film in my case for a book told from the exact same unconvensional point of view. His daughter likes to make the same old European cookies 🍪 that I only heard mentioned by one other person ever and my mom makes them so does her mom. Does this sound promising?
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He and I were out dancing and we went on the patio and he said "I want you all to myself" and had me go to his house that night and after that night I met his kids a couple days later with my son. What does that mean? He doesn't want our time interrupted by other people cause we were talking to different friends and a lady was trying to get him to dance and wasn't taking NO even though he said he is with a girl he is interested in that he "likes".
Meeting his kids with my son why does it feel so natural so soon?
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