Wife wants to sleepover at her guy friends house is it okay?

My wife (been married for 2 years) never had any problems before, wanted to sleep over at her guy friends house and I was uncomfortable about the idea, I don't know who this dude is and like I said it made me uneasy, so she got pissed off and said I didn't trust her and was being controlling so I backed off, she told her friends and now I have all of her friends saying I'm being insecure and that she should dump me for being controlling, so I said alright she can go and didn't mention about it making me feel uncomfortable again, she told me she slept in his bed as well but that nothing happened and that she is independent and can make her own decisions, was I in the right to feel uncomfortable about it, I made her an apology card and I also took her out to dinner as well, she is saying that she isn't sure if she can forgive me for this and that she may leave me and file for divorce, did I mess up? I really don't want a divorce because I have so much invested into this relationship, I really love this girl, I bought our current apartment and put it in her name as well as making her car payments, she has a right to keep her money so I never bothered to ask, most of my previous girlfriend didn't like sharing money either and made it very loud and clear that they don't do that, but besides that point all of the furniture etc I bought because I felt it was my responsibility, if she does proceed with divorce can I keep the furniture or any items, since the apartment is in her name as well even though I pay the expenses, do I have any ground?
Wife wants to sleepover at her guy friends house is it okay?
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