Why are girls so confusing and indecisive?

My ex broke up with me. I was devastated, tried to figure it out and show her things would be different but it was hopeless. I did no contact and she messaged me a few times during that period which I didn't really respond. Eventually she asked if we could go for a drink so I agreed, during the drink she broke down told me she wanted to try again and that she missed me and still loves me. We agreed to go on a date the week after.. spoke most days during that week, sexting, sending selfies etc. the usual stuff. The day before our date she told me she doesn't see a future between us but still wanted to go out the following night as we had already paid for the tickets.

We went out on the Friday had an amazing night, she kept telling me she loves me, kissing cuddling etc. said she would see me again soon - I told her we can't see or speak again if she doesn't want a relationship with me and that's how its been left.

I feel so confused, how can you go from wanting someone back to changing your mind in less than a week, all the crying, telling me she loves me etc.

I want her back so badly and don't understand what is preventing her. I messaged her last night and said to her I feel that she's been unfair and it was entirely her who wanted to meet, try again etc. and feel like she's messed me around - I ended by telling her I hope she find someone who deserves that and loves her as much as I did but she didn't reply.

Any insight appreciated
Why are girls so confusing and indecisive?
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