How do I get out of feeling this way?

I should break up with my boyfriend bc he is immature in some many ways and i dont feel im getting the full potential of a great relationship that i know i deserve. He doesn't really make an effort to make more time for me and him. Its always us and his friends and im tired of it. We are 2 months in and i feel like we been together for years. There are a lot of things about him i dont like and i know i can get better treatment with a guy who knows how to be a true boyfriend. I feel like we are roommates more than lovers bc all he ever wants to do mostly is be with his friends. I dont get much quality one on one time with him and he doesn't respect my feelings and we've argued a lot over the same issues. Im tired and not that happy but I love him; however, bc im not happy with him, i been thinking a lot about being single again and missing that. I wish we had dated before making it official. We rushed this and if i had waited a little longer, i would not have gotten with him. Now that i love him and i see a lot of things i dont like, its hard to leave but i want to leave. Torn feelings here. help!
How do I get out of feeling this way?
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