How do I get out of feeling this way?

I should break up with my boyfriend bc he is immature in some many ways and i dont feel im getting the full potential of a great relationship that i know i deserve. He doesn't really make an effort to make more time for me and him. Its always us and his friends and im tired of it. We are 2 months in and i feel like we been together for years. There are a lot of things about him i dont like and i know i can get better treatment with a guy who knows how to be a true boyfriend. I feel like we are roommates more than lovers bc all he ever wants to do mostly is be with his friends. I dont get much quality one on one time with him and he doesn't respect my feelings and we've argued a lot over the same issues. Im tired and not that happy but I love him; however, bc im not happy with him, i been thinking a lot about being single again and missing that. I wish we had dated before making it official. We rushed this and if i had waited a little longer, i would not have gotten with him. Now that i love him and i see a lot of things i dont like, its hard to leave but i want to leave. Torn feelings here. help!


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  • Well I think it's very clear that you are totally unhappy so you should definitely leave. It might be hard but not impossible, you have to bring the courage and leave the relationship. You have to make it happen.

  • Your deserve someone who treats you right

    • yeah he is not giving me the kind of attention a boyfriend should. I want a man who wants to spend a lot of quality time together and he can see his friends ocassionally but not almost everyday and im the last resort. thats how i feel

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    • lol im sure but man i really want out of this but i have feelings for him so its hard and he doesn't let go easily

    • I konw how you feel you can message me any time if you need to talj

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  • Just move on, remind yourself why you want to leave and just do it before you fall for the excuses


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