How to get completely over it?

How do I completely get over what happened. I was with this guy for a year and a half. from the beginning I knew we were just fuck buddies and I never wanted to open up emotionally. He somehow made me open up and he would get mad at me when I referred to us as fuck buddies. Anyways I ending up getting feels. I broke it off after I discover that all the time he was with me he thought I was ugly because of my body, he never found me attractive, he would compare me to his ex, he was basically using me for money, he was talking/ seeing other girls, and he thought I was useless in bed since I was a virgin. His ex goes to my college and she is doing the same activities I was doing therefore she pops on IG explore. I think she is pretty, she is fit and I just think and I really that ugly. He always compared me to her and that made me ugly for him. Now my self esteem is very very low, I've always had low self esteem since I was bullied from elementary- middle school. I was 23 and he was 30 when we meet.
I just feel that I will never be able to find a guy because those words still follow me and I broke this off in Dec and I thought I would be over it by now but nothing


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  • A wise person once said no one can make you feel inadequate without you accepting you are. If you think you are adequate, nobody can make you feel inadequate. If you think you are inadequate, nobody can make feel adequate.

    What you're feeling is 1% of what some guys go through in the face of rejections from girls. At least you got the chance to be with him and even called off the relationship. That's the power you have—which means you didn't let him make you feel inadequate.

    This is what I tell myself and guys who are struggling with rejections. It could work for you:

    Dating is like a very large table with an assortment of meals from various households, regions, and countries. Ask guys and girls to select something to eat from that table.

    The chances are they would go for meals they are custom to or resemble what the know, and ignore meals, though very tasteful, that are less appealing to their eyes, or meals they are unaware of.

    People go for choices they are familiar with.

    I use the adjective "familiar" and not "attractive" for a reason. To know something is attractive, the individual must be familiar with what makes someone or something attractive.

    How does an individual know something or someone is attractive? Through years of education and enculturation in the family, friend circles, schools, social groups, media, and pop products (e. g. music videos and films).

    If I have never known and eaten lasagne, I will ignore it for ndolé with ripe plantains and miondo (see picture).

    You probably would not fancy eating ndolé with ripe plantains and miondo. I will almost daily. Why? Because I grew up eating it. My taste buds got educated by the taste of the meal.

    Dating or rejection is like an assortment of meals. We don't go for for the same meals. If a girl or guy doesn't "eat" me, someone would.

    There are guys out there who are looking for a girl like you. The chances are you will say "no" to some of them.

  • How to get over it? Meet a guy who isn't an absolute fucking dick like this guy so you can have some faith that not all guys are horny douche bags like his guy. You deserve better, go find a guy who will treat you right.

    • You can't let what other people say define who you are. You're much more than what this douche bag defines you as. He has mentally abused you and you need to know that he is not the one you should base your opinions of yourself off of. This wasn't by any means a healthy relationship and because of what he did to you, you now have lower self-esteem than you did before meeting him. You honestly just need to get out there and find a guy who is willing to show you how great you are and who treats you accordingly.

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