What could this mean when your ex keeps contacting you?

Me and my ex dated for 3 years broke up 9 months ago, she got a rebound quick about 3 weeks after our BUSINESS she even moved in with him, barely knowing him.

didn't hear from her for 3 months but the past 6 months she contacted me while she was with her rebound at least once every month.

I bumped into one of her friends and they was telling me how this knew guy treated her like shhh, didn't respect her, didn't show support the complete opposite of me.

her rebound failed like they all after 6 months.

Yesterday night she texted me but I wasn't really trying to talk so I ended it.

the morning I woke she started asking how my family was (because they treated her like family she told me she missed my mom) but after a couple text I ended it to.

Then tonight around 1am she randomly texted me "hope you had a good night".

why she contacting me so much now


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  • I won't lie I've messaged an ex a few times after the break up. The reason for this is because I was so used to just talking and telling him anything and the only way I can deal with the fact that we're not together is if I message him. She could be missing your company and is trying to deal with it in her own way. It doesn't necessarily mean she wants to get back with you, but it signifies she probably wants you in her life

  • She probably miss the feeling of being cared for and loved by someone like you.

    • And I woke up and she sent me a picture of us from a long time ago :/

      I do want to reconcile with her but I don't want to jump the gun yano

    • Yeah well just take it slow. No need to fall into the deep end straight away

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