We broke up and I want him back. He's sending me mixed signals. What should I do?

I started seeing this guy in July. My past relationships had been disasters (cheated on, got dumped right after sex). So I'm not quite confident in dating. In September, he came at my house saying he wasn't sure if he wanted to be dating anymore. I acted cool saying there was no pressure, no rush to be a couple, that we could just keep seeing each other. When he left my house the morning after he created a facebook event for me to join him and his friend for the week-end. I am a student who also work part time and I normally work on the week-ends so I put so much efforts into this and changed my work schedule meaning it would be a bad week for me dealing with school and an unexpected schedule. The morning we were supposed to go, he canceled the event. Not saying anything to me. His friends couldn't go anymore so he was staying at his parents'. The week after, he was supposed to come by to take his phone back. He never did. I though he was ending things without confronting me so I told him to come back only when he knew what he wanted. I regretted it and apologised. Then I got health problems, my parents were in trouble... No need to say I was having a hard time. We kept arguing the whole week. I asked him if he wanted to hang out with me some time. He said " yes probably" but that I had gotten on his nerves. Few days later he told me that he would rather hang out with other people than me since I was annoying. I told him he was an asshole and that I didn't want to see him ever again. He said he wanted to see me and that he had nothing against me, that I was just not confident enough for him and that I didn't like to party enough. I tried to explain myself by telling him about my problems, it didn't work. We haven't spoken for a week and the other day, I was coming home from work with a male colleague. He basically acted like a jealous guy. I saw him yesterday, big smile asking me if I was okay. His friend asked me if I wanted to grab a drink with them tonight.


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  • life doesn't move backwards. i know movies and shows make it seems like it can, but, it really can't. life moves in a forward motion

    • He told me that he wanted to build something with me and hat he got attached to me but that I ruined everything. That's why I feel like we broke up for shitty reasons.

    • im just telling ya, life doesn't move backwards

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  • He sounds like a jerk. Personally I think you should move on. This guy doesn't sound like he really cares about you. You were having family troubles and instead of checking in, he told you that you were getting on his nerves.

    Plus he made and event, invited you and then when you rearranged your whole schedule he cancelled it and then was a jerk about it. Honestly why be with someone like this?

    Find a guy who won't make you leap over great obstacles to be with him. Find a guy who isn't going to criticize you when you are doing everything you can to try and see him and then call you annoying when you have family issues. He should be loving and supporting you. Not being mean to you.

    • Well, you were right! He basically came back to me on its own asking if we could watch a movie at my place etc, I got so excited I bought him a cute gift. The guy cancelled again last minute, I reacted with humor as If I was cool with it. And he replied as if it was not a big deal, we could catch up another day and added "girls are so complicated"... biggest jerk ever, God bless his poor soul

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    • Yep, I'm still wondering how I could have liked him that much! He was like "oh will you stop it one day? It's not a big deal" LOL ✌🏻️

    • Wow! Well at least you know! You definitely dodged a bullet!

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