Would you say I'm making the right decision based on my story?

On Monday I stopped talking to my girlfriend of four years because I felt like she just doesn't care anymore. I rarely look at her phone but one day her mom pulled me aside to tell me if I ever do get a chance to look at it because she thinks she talking to other people behind my back. She told me I'm a good guy and her and her husband know I don't deserve what's happening. one day communication was off so I went over her house and ask to see her phone. She was very protective of it and even when I got she took it from me said this person texted her and she was really on Facebook deleting messages she had exchange with a lesbian. Her mom warned me she likes girls but will never admit it. I asked her if she did it she told me no then showed me the girls page and I clicked messages and they were gone. She tried to tell me about what they had been talking about but after the way she was so protective of the messages I couldn't believe her. She was supposed to come over last Sunday but i didn't hear from her when I did she said was with her mom all day but was really with her best friend and spent the night over there. She just has told me so many lies in the past and this last time I felt like I was done with it so I stopped talking to her. I feel like I'm doing the right thing but feel attached because I haven't been In a relationship for this long before. I'm just tired of being lied to and it doesn't get any better even though she always says she is sorry. I'm working and in school. She hasn't had a job since March. I guess the real problem is I'm just not sure how to be happy and alone. I know I don't want to be upset and stressed in this relationship all the time. What are some tips for making it through a long term relationship break up?


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  • I feel like what you're doing is a good call. I don't think there is no need of her to go to that extent and delete things or be protective over her phone (Which obviously makes her look suspicious anyways). I guess the constant lying makes it clear as broad day light aswell, so it's not hard to figure out that the relationship is not going well anymore.

    Break ups are never easy. I'm sure you'd still care about her as a person. There's no need to really, break contact with her because the two of you aren't together anymore. Leave on good terms and establish a friendship or something. It will get easier day by day, you just need to get out of that routine.

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    • It's just getting out of that routine is the problem. She doesn't want to break up. I'm tired of the lies and secrets and people coming to me in her family telling me something is up. It did help.

    • Yeah just pull on through with the routine. Well too bad of her, she should of done differently by you during the out course of the relationship. She should of known better. No point her saying all that now. But ok coolies

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