Tips for getting over an ex boyfriend fast?

My ex and I were in a relationship about 5 years and we were physically close. And now he says he doesn't love me and he loves somebody. Did anyone else go through the same experience?
Tips for forgetting his memories fast?


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  • Things like this always take time, for some less than for others. What helped me with is listening to music and allowing myself to feel sad about it. You shouldn't try to force yourself to forget him. Even though the relationship ended, it still was a good thing in the past, something worth remembering.

    You will need some time to get over this, and that's okay. Find something you can do to distract yourself. Hang out with friends, watch some movies/shows, spend time in your hobbies, etc. The best advice I can give you is to allow yourself to deal with the negative feelings, while continuing to live your life

    • How long? A year or two?

    • Depending on the person, I would say between a few months and a year. Some get stuck in the sadness; only feeling sorry for themselves and not wanting to do anything.

      Try to see the good in each day. Even if it's something small.
      The truth is, you don't need him to enjoy life. With time you will get over him and have a good time just doing you.

What Girls Said 1

  • Actually after the shock of the separation, it is the memories you will always hold.. can be special... I am sorry for your loss... you do have to grieve, take that time. Do something that you enjoy, a new hobby, exercise and meeting new people, and going to different places. You will go through a load of emotions such as anger, fear, anxiety, it is pretty normal for a bit. But just know you won't forget the memories, and after awhile you will be able to think about them in a good light, and hopefully will have moved on.


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