Boyfriend wants a break?

Been together two years. I've recently moved an hour to uni for three years. i'm 25, he's 28. Been going through a rough patch the past few months. Recently he went on a lads holiday with 5 of his (half married, half single friends). The morning he got there he text me saying they'd arrived and that he'd call later, he didn't until the evening when I asked him why he hadn't.
I didn't bug him because i knew it was lad time to chill out. He'd assured me he was going to be faithful.
The second day there I had a weird feeling that something had changed, he was cold on the phone before they went for a night out, then i hear nothing from him for just under 24 hours.
The third day i ask what he got up to the second night, he replied defensively "we went out."
He then tells me he needs space, I ask him to respect me enough and call and say it over the phone if we're done.. he says at 6pm "i'll call later" but it gets to 1am and i realise he was never going to. that was the last I heard from him and i didn't try and contact him after that.

Fast forward to back in England, he won't answer calls and rarely replies to texts. I managed to get a few replies earlier - i asked him to tell me where i stood and what was going on between us. All I got was "I don't know what I want".."I don't know".."I need space to think about what I want". When I asked him how long he was meaning, he replied "days". And that was it, I have left it at that.

Someone please try and decode this for me?
I should note that the day he got back to england he text me twice saying "you know where I am if you want me" and "I take that no reply as you've already moved on"
And the minute i replied to the second one, he pushes me away again!


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  • "Break" is what a pussy says for breakup. "Break" implies that he'll want to reconcile at sometime in the future which never happens. It keeps you from moving on and it leaves the door open for his return. If he ever shows interest again it's only because he's been dumped by someone else or he can't find someone to fuck so he'll come sniffing around you and tell you things you want to hear so you'll fuck him. This is over completely and permanently and you will not remain friends even if he suggests or agrees to it


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  • Break/space/extended alone time usually ends up as a break up. You boyfriend is too much of a coward to break up w/you, so he will keep stringing you along until he finds someone else. Don't contact him and don't respond to him if he contacts you.


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  • Wow if I was him I would call u and text u every day even if I'm on a lad holiday

  • i dun have an idea sorry


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