If a virgin boy after marraige finds out his wife is not a virgin and had casual sex n ONS before, how sud he deal with it being virgin and inexperce?

Yes now his wife can guide him on thier first night but will he feel awkward and henpacked that from now on always his wife having upper hand in bed and he will have to be like henpacked. How can he feel positive and feel strong and get rid of the awkwardness and the thoughts of her having sex with random guys away from his mind after marraige?


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  • Since it was before marriage, his wife should have told him the truth before getting married so he will naturally feel betrayed.

    However now he knows that after marriage, so he has only 2 choices, either he should learn to accept that fact and forget about her past, or if he still has the mental block regarding her past then the only possible option is to break up with her.

    • Yes... but termination of marraige is not easy now a days... n lots of steps involved

    • Yes, that's true, I understand. That way you see life is never easy, sometime and at least for certain things you will have to struggle a bit to achieve what you want, sometimes you will have to actually fight a battle for your victory.

      If life was so easy, if you could get everything you wanted easily then there won't be any problems, everything would be perfect but then you won't value things but life is not so simple. It's only when you struggle and win in the end that's when you get a sense of satisfaction.

      There is a price for everything. I am sure you know that already.

    • Absolutely ri8

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  • look first thing first whatever ur wife did is her past so forget it and don't think about it... second thing there is nothing wrong if ur wife guide you and u do same thing sometime it is not possible that u do all the things by urself...& today's world everybody kno little or more about sex and how to do no matter u r virgin or not u also know... expand ur knowledge and limits by reading books , & help with ur wife... enjoy ur marriage life

  • Ummm... are you inexperience with learning English.

    • Really, n may be u are unaware of the new chatting shortcuts used now a days

    • If that is where English is evolving too, than maybe downsyndrome is a positive thing.

  • Someone sounds like they don't want this marriage

  • Everytime he goes down on her and eats her pussy to pleasure her have him think about all the men who have stuck their cocks right where he is sticking his mouth and thrust into her and came in her pussy mane, imagine the long line of men, but have him realize that even though all these men banged that pussy, he is lucky to put a ring on that finger mane.


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