Do you think it's possible to fall back in love?

Do you believe you can fall back in love with someone after a ton of fighting, issues, verbal abuse etc. ?

After these issues within them subside, is it possible to fall back in love with them?

Or has too much happened that has tainted the image of how you used to see them?


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  • It's possible but I think chances would become less.


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  • People fall back in love all the time. Especially people in affair situations. Usually the cheating man goes home and falls back in love with his wife, while the affair partner is devastated... it just works that way... but the answer is YES, whether it be verbal abuse, spousal cheating, fighting, etc, if you were in love in the first place, you can work on the relationship to make it strong again. But remember this. Once is a mistake to act be an abuser of any type, twice is a choice, and chances are things won't ever change... Best of Luck

    • "Especially people in affair situations"

      ^^ From what I've seen, this isn't really "people" -- it's mostly just guys.

      When a woman has an affair, 99% of the time it will just solidify or increase the distance she feels from her man.

      A LOT of men, on the other hand, seem to have an increased interest in sex of ALL kinds, and in ALL sorts of interaction with women -- including their original relationships/marriages -- when they have extramarital liaisons.

      Honestly, this is probably the single most maddening asymmetry of all, when it comes to long-term relationships in general. If men and women were more generally like each other in this way, it wouldn't be nearly so hard for most couples to enjoy staying together forever -- nor would it be as hard for them to figure out how to navigate infidelity and sexual boredom.

    • Thanks for the MHO

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  • Yes, but only if both of them changed their past behaviour by responded differently to situations which caused them to argue in the past. They'd need to resolve or compromise on past issues first though.

  • It is possible, but you won't see him like you used to when you first started dating. I mean, you know that. I must've fallen in and out love with my ex 5 times.

  • It is possible.


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