Help me please?

I like this guy a lot and I know I can trust him I got close to his family and all and I know his parents went through divorce. My parents are having problems and i don't know if I should tell this guy because I don't know if he will think that I'm a girl with family problems or I don't know I just want to tell him because I trust him and he went through the same but I don't know if I should tell him or not help please😪


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  • If it's affecting your relationship with him then I'd mention it. You being confused or depressed about your parents divorce will very likely impact your mood, which in return impacts your relationship with him. I think it's important for younger men and women to understand that wearing your emotions on your sleeve will most likely backfire on you.

    I'm not emotional person at all, in fact that's a fault of mine. That being said I'm literally the most open person you could possibly meet. I talk about shit the people would most likely keep in their closet like nothing. This carries within it pros and cons.

    People use it as fuel to attack me personally when they turn or get pissed off. They automatically make presumptions piecing your life together from their perception of you. Example...

    "Oh, she looks really sad. It must be because of her parents divorce"

    First off, you might very well be sad for a different reason entirely. Second off, you have set this sad image of yourself in their head. They could look at you different, thus treating you differently, even it's done subconsciously. Maybe you were not even sad that day, and they think you are because of that image conveyed by sharing that story of your parents divorce. Humans are naturally curious and attempt to piece things together in order to makes sense of everything.

    Just realize that talking about personal things with others can backfire on you quickly.

    I still choose to open as fuck though. I have pretty thick skin. I'm sort of like this is me, accept it or be gone. I have genuine friends around me. No fabricated facade. No plastic face to put on. A lot less stress and anxiety to live this way.

    • So should I talk to him about it or no how would you feel about it as a guy if I told you?

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    • I'm saying that carrying your emotions on your sleeve will make you vulnerable to judgement. Being open about things has a lot of benefits as well though.

    • oh okay i understood now thank you so much

  • Well, if you trust him then you can ahead and say it to him. Just do it, it's better to do it and see what happens instead of wondering what it will be.

  • you're a female, you dont deserve help

    • We all go through bad moments in life and the best thing to do is help just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I don't need help ofc I do because I'm here crying and freacking out. I can see you don't care but I hope you never go through something like this

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    • That's not nice I will be ashame if I was you I will never treat a person like you are treating me

    • women are bitches.. theyre a disgrace to civilization

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