So the no contact rule... help?

So me and my ex broke up a week ago we still talk a bit should I establish no contact rule how do I do it do I just block her or something and ignore her cuz it's rude and second I still love here and it's really hard.


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  • :( that sucks but if you want to impose a no contact rule to give yourself some space and get over her then that sounds sensible to me. Love fades, it gets easier after a while, hope it gets easier.

    Just tell her it's not as easy as you thought it would be so can you give me some space, don't want to seem rude but best that you just don't chat for a while, and no contact means no contact.


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  • You broke up for a reason and if you get back together, you will quickly be reminded of why you broke up. Unfortunately, love is not enough to make a relationship work, especially if it is unrequited love. The purpose of no contact is to allow you time to heal and move on with your life and not to express your anger at her. Tell her that you are going to no contact so that you can get over her and move on, that you are not trying to be rude, but you must do what is best for you. Somehow, people under 30 think that they are supposed to remain friends after a break up and that is a crazy idea; it simply delays and prolongs the process of healing.

    If you decide to do no contact, block her on your phone, unfriend her on FB, and block her on any other media she uses to contact you. Tell your friends that you are going no contact and that you do NOT want to hear any updates about what she is doing. When you are ready, look around and you'll probably do an even better job of picking out a prospective partner.

    Do NOT go no contact to show her how much she has hurt you and to guilt trip her into coming back to you. 1) That doesn't work; nobody stays in a relationship for very long just because of guilt, and 2) she will learn that you don't mean what you say.

    Good luck!


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  • Just take a month to yourself to think about what you want, what went wrong in the relationship, is it worth getting back together and how you feel in general

  • I'm depends why y'all break up?


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  • Lol no contact. Remove all forms of communication. Delete number and everything else. Pics.

    • My ex still found a way to contact me a month ago

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    • 😂😂😂😂

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