What should I do about my (now) ex girlfriend?

I dated this girl for almost two years. We had some minor disagreements, but always made up and apologized. I told her all the time that I loved her, and told her she was beautiful.

This past semester has been tough on her and she's been kind of stressed over work and school. And it seems like ever since it started, she's been more emotional. About a month ago, I was headed to her house to go to a concert with her. I get caught in traffic and text her with "6-10 is clear huh? :(?". She calls me and asks me if I was mad at her, I said "no I'm just bummed that I'm caught in this traffic". But she took it as I was trying to start a fight.

I get to her house, we talk, but she's too upset to drop it. Later that night, she breaks up with me. It's been a month and she's changed her Facebook and MySpace status to single but she still has pictures of us together up. She won't reply to e-mails or calls, but occasionally replies to texts. One of which she says "I want to be friends but it's too soon to talk". I want her back but she won't let me talk to her.

When she broke up with me I asked her "when you're done going through whatever you're going through, is there a chance for us?" She said "I can't promise anything".

What should I do, it's been over a month now.

She never seemed to mind when I told her the "I love you"'s. And I never smothered her. We always spent time apart with our friends and family.


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  • "I can't promise anything" really does mean no unless she can't find somebody else in which case she'll come back to you.

    To be honest, sounds like it was coming a long time ago. You shouldn't have smothered her with I love you's and piled on the compliments during the post-argument. The rule of thumb is that you should only apologise if you were wrong in the first place. If you believe you were right, apologise for letting the fight happen but don't apologise for your stance.

    As you kept doing this repeated pattern she slowly began to lose feelings for you. When that happens the girl is right on the edge and the smallest thing would tip her over. Sending her that text was enough reason, in her eyes, to finish things.

    Give her some space and get on with life. Be assured if she wants to talk to you she will.


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  • I would say it is time to move on. Continuing to chase after her and hoping for a reunion will just impede your ability to move on and find someone else who is better suited to you and more deserving of your attention. I know it is easier said than done, especially because she will try to manipulate you by giving you a false sense of hope with noncommittal responses. In the long run though, it will be best for you to look for someone else and try to get your mind off of her

  • Seems like she's got another bf.


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