I broke up with my ex then he "breaks up" with me? Ego Trip?

I basically got played and broke things off with him. He said he wanted more but never committed and although he would never admit his parents views on him dating outside his race may have played a part in his lack of committment. 2 months later he reached out to me and we started talking as friends. He would inniate conservation everyday, flirt etc. One day we hooked up and as I left he said he wanted to fix us, meet my parents and have a real relationship. I told him I needed more consistency first. He slammed the door. We continued to talk for 2 weeks everyday but the next time I asked to chill he said we shouldn't. He said he no longer liked me and that if I thought this would go anywhere I was crazy. He said to move on. He said anything he said about a future with me was said when he was drunk and it didn't mean anything. I ignored him from then on but received a long message 2 weeks later stating he was sorry, that he wanted me to be happy and that I'm a great woman (all the cliche things you can say to let someone down easy). He said he was a terrib6ke person dealing with a lot of issues. He said he wishes we had never had a relationship because then he could still be apart of my life. He said he would always care about me even if I didn't want to see or talk to him. I told him to move on like he said he wanted to.

Basically, why work so hard to get someone back to only do that? I think it's his ego but I could be wrong...
I broke up with my ex then he "breaks up" with me? Ego Trip?
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