What's with my ex and her crazy behavior? I need help please?

My ex broke up with me a year ago, we were in a relationship for almost 3 years, 3 months ago we started dating again, then she said one time she wasn't feeling the same, that she was no longer feeling it, somehow we were fuck buddies later, then she dumped me and said we should stop seeing each other and hanging out, because one day i told her i didn't have much cash and she in front of her friend called me cheap and started asking me food of her and her friend, which i coulent buy and wouldn't because she asked it in a bad way...

After she cut me loose she wanted to keep texting and calling me, i didn't want that and she said that the fact that she is not in love with me and doesn't want anything to do with me shldnt make is enemies. I told her i dont wanna be her friend and ignored her whining texts.

2 weeks later i deleted her from social media and yesterday she commented on an ig pic i uploaded with another girl "so cute!!! " ... later messaged me on twitter (have a good life i love you baby) . maybe she realized i deleted her so she deleted me too... but wtf.. I didn't reply by the way


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  • She may not be Into another Real relationship with you, @blabli, but she also has not Moved on from you Totally Either. She wants her Sweet cake and Eat it Two by being Free and being with You, even if it is as a Friend.
    She is Playing with your Head and Heart now. She has Seen with your Deletes and no more Tweets, that you are this Chase and Challenge, and the Excitement, although Mind boggling, is something that Often happens during a Breakup of this Long term Magnitude, with His and Her History.
    Maybe if you Stand your Ground, she will Finally come Around.
    Good luck. xx

    • for the most stupid reasons she tells me that she lost interest and realized doesn't want to be with me romantically...
      its been that way since the breakup and because i didn't stay firm at first because i was heart broken she took advantage of that and saw me as weak.

      I dont want to be with her even though my heart wants her, I dont want... i think that maybe she likes someone else, because i saw some tweets with some other dude before i deleted her from twitter, she talks with lots of dudes, goes out and stuff...
      i just dont trust her anymore because she became this crazy chick that only thinks about fun and smoking and shallow bullshit, go figure, the last reason for her to give up on me was that i didn't have enough money and humiliated me in front of her skanky friend

    • Don't be her "Back pocket boyfriend," where if it fails with another, she is there again. This can go on and on.
      It seems you have her figured out and I don't think she is for you anymore.
      Thank you for the Like. xx

  • Wow, maybe you should stay clear. She clearly doesn't like the idea of you moving on because she's jealous. Remember you broke up for a reason, it didn't work out and yeah it's gonna suck because you'll have to deal with seeing them with other people. But don't lose your dignity over this just stay clear

    • she broke up with me for no reason a year ago, then moved to another city, I moved to the same city 3 months ago and we started hanging out and then this happened..
      bunch of mind games and she's been treating me like im not worth a penny, ignored my texts, didn't put effort in communicating, just wanted things her way and since i was in love I gave her the benefit, she took advantage and was using me, giving me hopes and then killing them saying she realized she doesn't want anything to do with me, FOR THE DUMBEST REASONS, the last one was the "you are cheap and you act like a momma bear with your money, thats relevant to me and made me lose interest"

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    • yeah :/ thanks...
      I really wanted it to workout tho, i tried so hard but she never truly tried, she just wanted things her way

    • I know what you mean. But sometimes we need to let go of things we love before they destroy the goodness left in us.

  • Seems like you really dodged a bullet, 'she doesn't want anything to do with you' but somehow you shouldn't be enemies. Thats super crazy, as for the texts later maybe she wanted to show you that she had moved on and wanted to be friends again but don't do anything to jeopardise your new relationship.

    • being friends with her and talking to her wouldn't do me any good because i still have feelings for her and i know for a fact that the second she has someone new she will tell me

    • KK well I guess you should just move on unless you think she likes you back

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