Setting up my own heartbreak?

last November there was a guy I started to hangout with and study on the phone and always message each other.He even dives me home after my late classes...the problem is...

1.last semester he had just gotten out of a long relationship

2.he wants to transfer to another campus in September...

3. he doesn't want to get into a relationship because he doesn't have much left and doesn't want to hurt the girl

i like him and I know that he likes me(our friends tease us about it)We are comfortable around each other.I'm finally being able to trust and open up to a guy again and this is the situation I end up in...for my birthday he told me he had a surprise for was a hug and a kiss on the cheek(really cute)...its April right now and the signs are there I want to tell him how I really feel but suppose I ruin everything we have if things work out, he is leaving in September... I need help with what to do.!


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  • Tell him your feelings.


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