Cheating question should I feel bad about this?

Had a 8 year realtionship. I had suspicion that my ex was cheating throughout the realtionship. She confessed to me on my b day wich is new years that she kissed someone during the first three months. And also someone told me she banged some random guy (the guy that told me is not trust worthy) but that doesn't mean that it didn't happen. And I found a guys hat in her bedroom that she calmed to be her brothers. she was also claiming to be in good term with her ex. Also staying at his house overnight a couple of times.

Also when we broke up for the last time I ask if there was somebody else and she told me not physically but emotionally. So the question goes like this I randomly hook up with someone 2 weeks before calling it quits. I seen her twice after that. once to watch a movie then the break up talk. Am I a bad person would you look at me negatively if you got serious with me ( figuratively). should I feel bad about this. I know some women have a saying once a cheater always a cheater kind of thing.

I had suspension that she was looking for someone the last two years of the relationship. I tried to break up with her number of times but she claimed theses reasons that made me stay. She was pregnant (but she wasn't ). That she would kill her self if I broke up with her. And that I ment the world to her. What are your thoughts on this.


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  • I think she is using her for when something better for her isn't around. She wants her cake, but doesn't even want you to have a crumb. She likes the control and manipulation. GET OUT! Go NO CONTACT and find someone who will appreciate YOU!

    • Ya she used me until somthing better came along. im not a monster or anything that's pretty much the way you see it. thanks

    • I don't see you are a monster, I feel for you, just leave and feel better. Sometimes walking away can be liberating in a toxic relationship

    • hey thanks for your opinion in a weird way when I was writing it I was coming to the conclusion about and thanks for your help

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