They've done everything for them and for me?

My last two exes have gone above and beyond for their current gfs. And for me? They have me nothing but expected me to care/nurture/ and do things for them.

I can't lie. It makes me feel like shit. Why do some men do that?


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  • It's 50/50. They only took what you were willing to give. If you don't set boundaries then they'll walk over you. Is there a reason why you allow yourself to give too much?

    • It's how I was raised. I always give my all. That is what you do when you care about someone.

    • I do too but I waited for someone worthy. That's supposed to be for when you get married. In the meantime you're supposed to set those boundaries.

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  • I experienced this before so I know how you feel. You are putting in all the effort to keep a guy. And not giving them any room to miss, love and nuture you. Why should they? When men see that you are willing to do anything to keep them, they feel they dont have to work hard to keep you around. Have a guy chase you and if he doesn't dont force him. Tell him how he feels and if he isn't willing to change dont invest your time and energy. Its mentally draining for you.

    • It has been draining me to the point where I am becoming bitter very bitter

  • That would bother me too. Maybe because their past relationships didn't work out , they've changed how they behave and respond with you. Hoping this time the relationship will last.

    Personally, I'd have to mention it and ask why. It'll make you frustrated and resentful if you don't talk about how you feel.

    • Because when you care for someone. You go above and beyond. That's how I was raised. I guess to them. My love wasn't good enough.

    • I agree! Never cross" oceans" for people who won't even jump a" puddle" for you. People make sacrifices for those they love, but it can't be one sided.

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