Is it easier for guys to get over their first love and hide their emotions?

My boyfriend and I broke up after 2 years. Neither of us wanted to but we had to part ways mutually because I was leaving for university. We were amazing togther and I was his first love. He even said I made him believe in falling in love. We were very clear on still being friends and agreed to not talk for around a week after.

After 2 weeks of NC, he set up a meeting with all my girlfriends and I to meet, he didn't tell me anything directly, he doesn't even like any of them. When he did turn up, he just didn't want to be alone for too long with me and kept the other girls around. He seemed to be overfriendly with them and when I tried to walk him out he didn't seem to happy. Before leaving he kept mentioning we 'all' need to meet up again and that he wanted to go out with us 'all' on his birthday. He also tried very hard to make it seem like he was here to meet all of us and not just me. He hugged me in a friendly way and left saying bye with a huge smile.

Before he came to meet we spoke on the phone and he was normal as if nothing happened. When I asked him if it ever hurts a lot that he can't take it he was just being all casual saying I dont think about it , stop thinking about it it'll go away and all. He hates when I bring up the break up and acted like he didn't even know how long its been since we broke up. it really hurt.

Its like our relationship meant nothing to him because its so easy for him to just shove it away. When he kept talking about his new school it just seemed like his life is much better now that im gone. Our relationship was really beautiful and the day before we broke up he broke down on the phone because he didn't want to lose me. Now he's just being all normal. did he ever really mean anything when we were together, because he is so good at being so, weirdly normal and practical about it.
Is it easier for guys to get over their first love and hide their emotions?
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