Why did he allow his new girlfriend to confront me?

We been broke up, yes I probably texted him in between time saying I missed him (I was drunk) he was in love with me still even though he went back to his ex, very indecisive also. Long story short I left him alone. Then today I see him installing someone's cable or whatever (he's a cable technician) he was only one house up from me and didn't know where I lived until today. So then his girlfriend comes out the car chases me down the street (yes she's ghetto) and screaming my name and got into my face wanting to fight me (I'm 3 months pregnant by him) so I tell her I'm not fighting I'm pregnant she asks if by him and I say no, even though I am. He basically made her attack me like that's crazy smh but why? Why so much animosity? And when I was coming back from the store she started banging on my door again but I didn't open the door. So then I text him saying that I am pregnant by him and don't want him apart of their life and to leave me alone and I'll do the same or I'm pressing charges.
Why did he allow his new girlfriend to confront me?
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