How do you know when to end a relationship? When is enough, enough?

OK so I have a boyfriend and he has cheated on me once, but of course I came back I always come back. I don't know when its just time to say its threw. what do I do, he has "hoes" that he "flirts" with and I'm like what the hell? now he loves me I know he does and I love him to death but I mean when is enough enough.


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  • mmmm hun I know how this goes, I've been in your situation (several times), and I know it hurts but you just gotta send him packing. Cheaters will always cheat, if they've cheated on you once and got away with it, he'll just keep doing it whenever he pleases. This is both wrong, because it hurts you and it means he doesn't respect you or treat you the way a nice girl like you should be, but also this is dangerous for you because unfortunately in this day and age, a guy who sleeps around picks up diseases and transmits them to all his partners, which can make you very ill or even kill you. Also, the effects of these diseases may make you undesirable to a partner who would treat you right, and that is not fair to you at all. So please, please, I know it's hard, but enough was enough the first time he pulled that stunt, get rid of that deadbeat and find yourself a real man who knows you are worth more than your weight in gold, and treats you like it. :) be strong hun.

  • it should have been enough the first time. he clearly doesn't respect you and cares more about what he wants than making a relationship with you so why are you putting up with it? and please don't use that "but I love him" excuse because you should love YOURSELF more. first of all once a cheater 99% of the time always a cheater. if you take a guy back after he cheated on you why should he stop? there is no consequence to his behavior because you've shown him you'll run right back to him no matter what anyway. no cheater just "flirts" with hoes, he probably is doing a lot more than flirting but thinks you'll be too silly to realize it.


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