I just woke with a dream about my ex that I no longer think about or have feelings for?

I mean while getting through a break I understand why I was dreaming. I was subconciously thinking about him trying to move on. But now.. Everytime I pass him in the hallway, I have no feelings lingering. Unless.. It's him thinking about me. But I can't be naive so i don't really believe it.. Because.. I don't believe there's a chance he would be "thinking" of me. Ideas? Is it because I didn't get a closure and I HAVE to get one? Because I seem like i'm doing just fine without a closure. Ideas? Because. The last time I remember i dreamed about him was Longg time ago. Like when I was hurting. Probably last year. Strange right? I don't even know if us was even "real" due to how my life is always complexed. No harsh comments please.


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