Ex husband being nice?

My ex husband left me 7 years ago due to certain conflicts. We have one child together and on the first few years of separation we were fighting ongoing court battles for our child. He made many allegations I also made few allegations. After court battle ended everything was settled he got to see our child regularly. But we barely looked eye to eye, but that's not to say we always had fights or anything except a bit of disagreements time to time over our child. Couple of months ago he moved on and married someone else. Since then he sounds to be a little more considerate towards me and compassionate as well. I know there's no chance of us reuniting and I do not wish to anyway. But I'm curious and want to understand why is he being like this. That's why I'm asking this question here. What do you guys think? I will very much appreciate if you guys could answer me this politely please and not be sarcastic. Thank you
Ex husband being nice?
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