Does he want me back?

My live in boyfriend and I decided to take a break about 2 months ago (his choice). We have been together 2 years. Since then it has been on & off for us. Some days he says he loves me and wants to be with me and some days we fight like crazy and he doesn't know what he wants. I've given him space and enough time to think things over. After not speaking for a week, I assumed it was over for good. I texted him asking when a good time would be for me to come and get the rest of my things from the house and he was very distant. The next couple days he is very off/cold with me. When I asked him what was wrong he says "everything". He also won't tell me what's wrong. Can I assume he is sad about me leaving or is there something else going on? I would love to work things out and go back home to him but I don't want to ask if that's what he wants bc then I would be "pushy". What should I do?


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  • My ex is very similar. And it's because she's interested in other guys but still cares for me, just not enough. Move on and try to let go. If he's ready to man up and stick around then great! But don't sit around waiting for it.


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  • TALK. See if you can schedule a time to sit down with him and have an open discussion. Maybe there are other things going on in his life, he hasn't shared. Maybe he needs to know someone is there to just listen without judging. Maybe he doesn't want you gone, but can't deal with that relationship stress on top of anything else that is going on. We never know until we open the door and ask... Don't assume, get facts not just in this , but anything in life. If we seek facts, it allows us to make wiser choices than just guessing. Best of Luck

    • When i ask him what's wrong he refuses to talk. He's being so weird. He used to always talk to me about things.

    • Then chances are you are the issue or a part of it, and he is working through it. I am not sure, just saying maybe. Let him know you are there, and ask him point blank if he wants you to stay or go... it might hurt, but at least you will have your answer if he is honest. Be direct, you can work through it if you are.

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