Ex-girlfriend wants to be with me... WHAT DO I DO?

Ex-girlfriend has a boyfriend!
It has been over a year and I have been in a few relationships since the break up and have been improving on myself, going to the gym and doing what makes me happy.
We caught up over dinner and the following night we got drunk at a party together. I ended up staying the night at her house and we established we still had feelings for one another and given the opportunity it would be great to give things another go. We later spoke about the situation we had found ourselves in and she told me she liked me and wanted to be with me, all the while she is still with this other guy!
She said she didn't want the same life her current partner did and she was getting bored of him. She hasn't left him as of yet because she "doesn't want to hurt anyone."
We saw one another a couple more times, she helped me with work that I was having trouble with and we hit it off quite well.
We talked about it again and decided we would put it on hold until she has figured things out with this other guy.
I told my mates about it. Then at a party she denied anything happened between us. Since then I have stopped contacting her to give her space. I have been putting distance between us when we see one another in person, with the random joke here and there, but I believe she still has feelings.
I've spoken to a few people about it and some say I should go for it saying I have a chance if she breaks up with her current partner and others say I should move on and at this point I am so confused about it all. I know for certain I want her back! Any advice to help get the ball in my court? Please and thank you.
Ex-girlfriend wants to be with me... WHAT DO I DO?
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